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Next Season:

FALL 2023 

(September 10th to Dec 3rd)

Fall Membership Fees

$130 early bird (on or before Aug. 2nd) 

$150 after Aug. 2nd

$80 to register and play as a "sub"

Membership includes

  • 2 nights of skill development

  • 10 nights of league play

  • 1 league jersey


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This is a Recreational League, however, we have three divisions to help with player placement and league scheduling.  For all divisions, we highly recommend players have some previous basketball experience. The competitive division is a faster-paced game and players with more experience.   

A team must have at least SIX players.  We recommend that teams have SEVEN players so that you are not impacted when players are away.  

Winter season is January to April.  Registration for winter season starts in October.

If you have any questions about registration please contact us at 

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Blackened Paper

Victoria Women’s Basketball Player Code of Conduct

Victoria Women’s Basketball League (VWBL) is committed to providing a safe environment for women to come together and play basketball.  To maintain this safe environment VWBL has a code of conduct that applies to all players.

Code of conduct issues will be addressed by league coordinators promptly and respectfully.  Players who do not comply with the code of conduct will be given an opportunity to change their behaviour.  If a player is not able to make the necessary changes to their behaviour they will be asked to leave the league.


Players in VWBL are expected to:

  • Be welcoming: We strive to be a league that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds, ages and skill levels.  

  • Be considerate: Your conduct and words impact other players.  Please take those impacts into consideration when you are in the VWBL gym. Words of kindness, compassion and friendship can have a positive impact on others and for the group.  Words that are insulting, discriminatory, overly critical or offensive are not acceptable.  This includes gossiping, excluding, embarrassing and alienating others.

  • Be respectful:  Rec sport can get your competitive juices flowing. You might experience some frustration or intensity during the night, but please do not allow those strong feelings to turn into a personal attack against other players (or officials).   Players are expected to use a respectful approach to problem-solving, disagreements and competition.

  • Report any concerns about conduct, safety or league management: If you experience or witness any unacceptable behaviour please report it promptly to one of the league organizers. 

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