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This is a rec league so we have modified the FIBA 3x3 rules slightly to prioritize safety and sportsmanship.  League coordinators will be on site to assist with scorekeeping and supporting games.  If you are unfamiliar with 3x3 rules, you can check out the video below.

Team Composition:

1. Teams are required to have five players.  Rec teams should consider having six or seven players so your team can still play if a couple of players are away.   

2. We are here to play! In the Rec Division and U17 divisions: If a team doesn't have enough players, they will be assigned a few "subs" for the night, or the team will be removed from the schedule and the players reassigned to teams needing players.  

3. Competitive Division: If your team has less than 3 players you forfeit your games for the night,  but we are here to play so your team will be assigned subs and play your scheduled games.   If your team has 3 or 4 players and wants an extra sub, you can invite a player from the Rec Division to sub for you. 


Game format: 

4. Games are 13 minutes running time.  Rec teams will play 4 games per night. Competitive teams will play 5 games per night.  First possession is decided by a rock, paper, scissors. 

5. To request substitutions - your team must have possession.  Make the request prior to a check ball. Simply hold the ball and announce substitutions being made.  Both teams can substitute.  Once substitutions are made check the ball in to defender who will return the ball when ready to commence.

6. Each team has one 30 second time-out per game.  Timeouts can be called only when your team has possession of the ball and only during the first 10 minutes of the game. 



7. a) Rec & U17: all baskets count as 1 point.  This includes free throws and 3 point range. 

    b) Competitive: baskets made inside the arc are counted as 1 point, baskets made outside the arc are                           counted as 2 points. 

8. Once the defense has the ball, they must clear the zone by pass or dribble prior to starting an offensive attack.  It is not required that all players leave the zone.  

  a) Rec League – we are NOT defending or challenging the clearing of the ball by the defense.  This includes no interceptions of a clearing pass.

  b) Competitive League - after a made basket, defense cannot play the ball when the offensive player is inside the charge semi-circle.  In all other situations, defense can challenge the ball and prevent the ball from clearing the zone.  This includes intercepting a clearing pass.

9. There is a 5 second rule when holding the ball.  There is no shot clock. There is no 3 seconds in the key rule.

10. Teams can have a coach or manager supporting them. 

11. Players will be issued a reversible tank top.  Each game one team will be light and the other dark.  Players can wear a t-shirt under their jersey but it cannot be black or white.

Check Ball: 

12. "Checking the ball" means that the offensive player is standing outside of the 3 point line and hands the ball to the defensive player.  Once the defensive player passes it back - its game on! 

13. Check ball after any typical play stoppage such as: ball goes out of bounds, fouls, free throws, travel, double dribble..

14. In a jump ball situation - the ball always goes to the defense.  A check ball is required. 

15. You do NOT need to check the ball after a natural transition from offense to defense such as a rebound, steal, or made basket.  This is a fast paced format!  After a made basket, defense does not have to remove the ball out of bounds at the baseline as in traditional 5 Vs 5 basketball.  The defense does have a "safe zone" under the basket/ inside the no-charge-semi circle where they cannot be checked. 


16. Shooting fouls will result in one free throw and the team on offense retaining possession.  Check ball and resume play. Exception - if the offense makes the basket and makes the free throw - they do NOT retain possession. 

17. Non-shooting fouls including offensive fouls will result  in a play stoppage and the opposing team gets possession. Check ball re-starts the game. 

18. If a flagrant foul is called, the opposing team gets possession. The offending player will be asked to leave the gym immediately. This is a rec league and safety is paramount.

19. Fouls are not counted or accumulated.  This means no "bonus" situation and a player does not "foul out" of a game.




20. Anyone receiving an Unsportsmanlike technical foul will be asked to leave the gym immediately. A second Unsportsmanlike technical during the season may result in the player being ejected from the league.  This is a rec league we are here to have fun!

21. The league reserves the right to review and eject any player that is being unsafe, vulgar, violent or unsportsmanlike.  

22.  NO JEWELLERY allowed at all times. That includes earrings, hair clips, bracelets, rings, fitbits, etc.

**Earrings that cannot be removed need to be taped


23. We play with a size 6 ball. (28.5 inches) 

24. We play music all night. 

25. Players may be asked to assist with the score table during their team's bye. 

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