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Introducing our sponsor 


VWBL welcomes Dr. Steven Jennings, DPM  Podiatrist & Colette Polard, RN from the Victoria Foot and Ankle Clinic as sponsors!    Dr. Jennings and Colette are located in Cook St. Village on Pendergast St.  The clinic can treat heal pain, ankle pain, bunions, Achilles tendon issues, toe nail problems, flat foot and more.

Contact them at 778-600-1888 to book an appointment.

Introducing our sponsor 

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Agile is a team of Integrated Health specialists that was created from Thomas and Cassie’s passion for rehabilitation and care. They are located at  1107-1109 Fort Street, Victoria.

Agile Integrated Health offers physiotherapy, athletic therapy, holistic nutrition, registered massage therapy, studio pilates, mat pilates and personal training. 


Contact Agile Integrated Health at 250-381-2239 or

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Congratulations to Laurens and Co. and Erin/Maraya/Kelly/Kassandra/Kailyn and Chelsey for finishing the season with 19-11 records.  Laurens and Co. finshes in 1st place  based on a higher point differential. 

Introducing our sponsor 

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Cascadia Laser Clinic is a medical laser clinic that utilizes the latest in laser technology for both cosmetic and medical treatments.   Their clinical services include: hair removal, laser genesis, limelight IPL, microneedling, micro-dermabrasion + hydrotherapy, rosacea treatment, spider veins and wart removal. 

The staff at Cascadia Laser are vaccinated against COVID-19. 

The clinic is located at 347-3066 Shelbourne St. Victoria. 

Contact Cascadia Laser Clinic at:  250-595-2044. 

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Victoria Womens Basketball League Oct 24 2021 ©KevinLightPhoto _EV16588.jpg

Our Founding Sponsor  


Amber Simpson supported the creation and launch of the Victoria Women's Basketball League.  With her generous support our league has a bright future and looks forward to supporting many financial awards for female student athletes in our community. 


Amber graduated from the University of Victoria where she studied Family and Child Counselling. She started her working life as a counselor for high-risk families and as a foster parent for at-risk youth.

Amber came into her real estate career 13 years ago, where her genuine care for her clients and passion about real estate has fuelled her success and earned her multiple MLS Gold Awards.