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I haven't played in many years.  Should I still join? 

YES! Our league is full of players who haven't played since their high school years.  For some players, that was a long time ago.  If you are in good shape and ready for a faster more physical game, sign up for Competitive Division. 

What if I am too rusty to play in a game? 

We offer a pre-season practice and a spring skills academy every season.  Join us in they gym and together we can assess your readiness for league play.  FYI - our "Rec division" is very casual and inclusive. 

I do not identify as a woman. Can I join VWBL? 

Yes!  VWBL is an inclusive and welcoming community. We do not have a minimum standard of femininity for players.  If you are gender-diverse you can join VWBL.  

*Cisgender men are not eligible to register for VWBL. 

I don't know any basketball players so I don't have a team to enter with.  Can I register on my own? 

YES! About half of our players register as Free Agents and are placed on teams during the pre-season.

Lots of teams are needing one or two players to fill their roster.  

What is your refund policy? 

If you need to withdraw during the season, we will you give you a prorated refund, minus a $40 admin fee.  For example, if you withdraw after week 3 of the season you would receive an $80 refund. 

$150 -$40 admin fee - $10x3 for the three weeks you were registered = $80.  

I have some other commitments and will miss some games. Can I still register? 

YES!  We require 5 players per team for this exact reason.  If a team knows they will have players away a lot, they should consider taking 6 players.  If you think you will miss a lot of games you can register as a sub instead of joining a team. 

If I have a lot of other commitments and will miss a lot of games, can I just drop in once and a while?

YES! Some players choose to register as a "sub" instead of joining a team.  Subs are not assigned to a team, which means nobody is counting on them to show up.  When you do make it out, you will be placed on a team that needs you.   We usually need subs, but if there is a night we don't you will receive an email on Saturday afternoon letting you know. 

Can our team practice during the rest of the week? 

YES! Teams are welcome to hold practices on their own.  Victoria has many outdoor courts which your team can use.  

Can our team have a coach? 

YES! Teams are welcome to have a manager or coach. 

Are there referees for the games?   

YES! We hire local basketball players to referee for us. As well, league staff are always on-site to help the games go smoothly.   They will be able to assist with questions about rules,  address conduct issues, keep score and help make calls regarding fouls! 

How will you use the pictures taken at the games? 

VWBL occasionally takes pictures.  These photos may be used for social media posts and website design.  Please let us know if you are opposed to the use of your image being used. 


Will my registration information or contact information be shared or given out to anyone else? 

No.  The VWBL does not sell, or share the personal information of our players to any third parties. 

Can my friends and family come watch? 

YES!  Spectators are welcome.  

What method of payment do you accept? 

We accept e-transfers and cash. Sorry - no credit cards or cheques. 

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