Is it true that ALL the money raised from this league is donated to support female student athletes? 

YES!  VWBL raises $5000 per year to support and inspire young female athletes in our community.


I haven't played in many years.  Should I still join? 

YES! Our league is full of players who haven't played since their high school years.  For some players.......that was a long time ago.  If you are in good shape and ready for a faster more physical game ...... sign up for Competitive Division. 

I don't know any basketball players so I don't have a team to enter with.  Can I register on my own? 

YES! About half of our players register as Free Agents and are placed on teams during the pre-season. 

I am worried about COVID19.  Can I register now, but withdraw in September if the health risks seem too high? 

YES!  Register as a free agent or a team to hold your spot, but make your final decision about playing in

September.  If you withdraw on or before September 11th you will receive a full refund.  

I have some other commitments and will miss some games. Can I still register? 

YES!  We require 5 players per team for this exact reason.  If a team knows they will have players away a lot, they should consider taking 6 players.   

Can our team practice during the rest of the week? 

YES! Teams are welcome to hold practices on their own.  Victoria has many outdoor courts which your team can use.  

Victoria Womens Basketball League Oct 24 2021 ©KevinLightPhoto _EV16046.jpg

Are there referees for the games?   

YES! Thanks to Camosun College Chargers Women's Basketball players who volunteer to referee for us.  League staff are always on site to help the games go smoothly.   They will be able to assist with questions about rules,  address conduct issues, keep score and help make calls regarding fouls! 

Will my registration information or contact information be shared or given out to anyone else? 

No.  The VWBL does not sell, or share the personal information of our players to any third parties. 

Can my friends and family come watch? 

YES!  Spectators are welcome.  As long as they are double vaccinated and not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.  

What method of payment do you accept? 

We accept e-transfers, cash and cheques. Sorry - no credit cards