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Gender Inclusion Policy

1. A core value of the VWBL is inclusion.  

2. The VWBL invites anyone who identifies as a woman or as gender-diverse to join the league and does not set a minimum standard of femininity for players. 

3. In this policy, the term ‘gender-diverse’ is defined to mean: any and all gender identities beyond man and woman.

This includes but is not limited to non-binary, Two Spirit, genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, and gender-nonconforming.

4. The VWBL acknowledges gender is a type of personal information and will not seek out gender information from players, coaches, staff, volunteers or spectators unless it is necessary and appropriate.

5. With respect to pronouns, the VWBL encourages, but does not require, people to give pronouns when introducing themselves.

6. The VWBL strongly encourages the use of nongendered terms by players, coaches, staff, volunteers and spectators. Examples:

"tail"  or "check" instead of  “man on!”

“let’s bring it in!” instead of “bring it in, ladies!”

“matchup defence”  instead of “man to man defence”

“players in the VWBL” instead of “women in the VWBL”



7. The VWBL commits to regularly reviewing and updating this policy to keep it aligned with best practices to ensure a safe environment for all players.

8. Anyone with clarifying questions or concerns with respect to this policy can submit them to VWBL staff in person on game nights or via email to

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